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In my previous post, I tried to show how to install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, now I’ll show how to add target hosts to our Enterprise Manager system.I assume that you’re in a similar position (installed Cloud Control but haven’t added any target yet).As you know, we have to install Oracle Management Agent to the targets to be able to manage them via our Enterprise Manager.In OEM Cloud Control 12c, we can “Add Host Targets Wizard” which is accessible from the web interface. Cause: Occurs when the operator tries to login but does not have an active account attached to that operator.Defining custom error pages is a convenient way to show users a friendly page when they encounter an HTTP error such as a 404 Not Found, or a 500 Server Error. NET handles custom error pages by responding with a 302 Temporary redirect to the error page that was defined.

He is certified as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and is awarded as Oracle ACE (in 2011) and Oracle ACE Director (in 2016) for his continuous contributions to the Oracle users community.Connect to the host (in this case it’s our cloud control server), edit /etc/sudoers file, put remark sign before “Defaults requiretty” add a user ( As soon as you save the changes, oracle will be added to sudoers and be able to run commands as root with sudo. Enter the desired value for the Low Funds Threshold and select OK. Departments and accounts mean the same thing on the IM / IS series machines. If the problem persists, contact your local service provider for assistance. Using the alphanumeric keypad on the control panel, enter the correct account name. For every operator, there must be at least one open account linked to each operator. If the message does not clear after the WP Reset, unplug the machine then plug back in again.

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